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Kung Fu

Training by Master Jan

Create what you’re
meant to be.

Kung Fu is the power that brings out the best of you. Learn the way of all different  Martial Arts Styles around the world. You will learn the best techniques to defend yourself but way more better you will learn to focus your mind to have a good and strong heart to go through every crisis and reach every goal and dream you are desire.

Master your own way is the way to teach you online to be the master of your own life. Learn to make the right decisions at the right moment, find out who you want to be and what you want to attract in your Life. Kung Fu is a inner and outside journey through inner strength and outside martial Arts to create what you’re meant to be!

Real Work. Real Results.

Hey there! I am Master Jan.

I trained Martial Arts since i was 8 years old in a MMA – Kung Fu School
“Torii-Kung Fu” first.
There i learned from different Martial-Arts-Styles over the world like Escrima, Capoeira, Kinestik, Muay Thai, Tai Chi, Wing Chun and a lot of more. All different Martial Arts Styles unite to one Style. That’s increased my interest about alle Martial – Arts Styles but especially to Shaolin Kung Fu. Shaolin Kung Fu is for me everything because it’s not only about the fight techniques, it is about your thoughts, your feelings, your inner Strength, it teach you that the real power comes from inside of you and that is what i am gonna teach you too!
Later i was fascinated by the story of Bruce Lee, Tony Jaa and the digital Nomads, so i had the Idea to unite Martial-Arts into a inner journey between inner Strength and to reach your own freedom through the strength and philosphy of Martial – Arts.
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Only if you practice long enough, work disciplined on your goals and skills, you will be able to raise your
head up high one day

Classes & Retreats

Martial Arts Training to reach your inner freedom first to create the Life which gives you freedom.

Hi, I am Jan, known as “Master Jan”.
Martial Arts Trainer in Germany of Shaolin Kung Fu Southern and Northern Style.
I was in Training, 10 years by Shaolin Kung Fu Culture Centrum in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, in Thailand and in Shaolin Wahnam.
2 Years i was training my own Students the Basic’s of Self-defense and Mindset of Shaolin Kung Fu.
I put my full heart in my passion and i teach in a unique Style in Combo of the Southern, northern, mindset, feelings and become the Master of your own Life Training combo in one package in every Training. For me is important that you get the “Essence of Shaolin Kung Fu” that you will reach with practice and patience everything in Life.

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Shaolin Nomad online Training

Virtual Martial Arts online Training
from the Comfort of Your Home with the “Warrior Mindset”
to your Dreamlife.

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No Pain, No Gain. Real Work. Real Results.


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AnyWhere We Roam

AnyWhere We Roam

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Martial Arts Freedom Retreat

Join my Journey where ever I am traveling in the world. We can organize a Retreat, Training or you can become a Shaolin Nomad and travel with me. I teach you Kung Fu Skills to present a Shaolin Show on the Digital Nomad Festival “Nomadbase”. And the “Warrior Mindset you need to reach your inner peace and freedom.
And give you all the Tools you need to build up your Business to work and live like a digital Nomad on your own terms and schedule.

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Choose to be finally free. Make your dream Life possible now! The day you will start the club, it’s the day your life will positive change.


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“who doesn’t fight for his dreams has already lost…from china.”