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Kung Fu is the power that brings out the best of you. Learn the way of all different  Martial Arts Styles around the world. You will learn the best techniques to defend yourself but way more better you will learn to focus your mind to have a good and strong heart to go through every crisis and reach every goal and dream you are desire.

About Master Jan

Hey there! I am Master Jan.

I trained Martial Arts since i was 8 years old in a MMA – Kung Fu School “Torii-Kung Fu” first.
There i learned from different Martial-Arts-Styles over the world like Escrima, Capoeira, Kinestik, Muay Thai, Tai Chi, Wing Chun and a lot of more. All different Martial Arts Styles unite to one Style. That’s increased my interest about alle Martial – Arts Styles but especially to Shaolin Kung Fu. Shaolin Kung Fu is for me everything because it’s not only about the fight techniques, it is about your thoughts, your feelings, your inner Strength, it teach you that the real power comes from inside of you and that is what i am gonna teach you too!
Later i was fascinated by the story of Bruce Lee, Tony Jaa and the digital Nomads, so i had the Idea to unite Martial-Arts into a inner journey between inner Strength and to reach your own freedom through the strength and philosphy of Martial – Arts.
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My Services

Online Business Coaching

Always wanted to become a Digital Nomad? I am a Shaolin Nomad, i teach you,
your inner freedom first before we care about your outer freedom. When you have mastered yourself mindset,
we will build your Business Idea and what you can offer as an Enterpreneur or find the right remote Job for you, creating your Linked – In in a professional Style and appy.

You want to become a Warrior? And don’t want to be an worrier in Life? You will become strong with
Shaolin Kung Fu reach confidence with control your Spirit. Learn how to control your Mindset, change negative thoughts into positives and creatives ones. Control your feelings when you feel bad change how the way you feel and you will make better decions for your Life. That is what i teach – The Shaolin Philosophy and the most effective Kung Fu moves to defense yourself . Become water my water my friend.

Advise to Health and fitness. You want to know how you can eat as a Shaolin and how to get fit? I will give you Nutrition-Plans and tell you what you can cook or eat in the country where are your currently travel.

I have worked for crypto Companies and i can tell you how to manage your Finances, how to collect mile points to fly in first class and i can advise you how to invest in crypto currencies.

The hight form in Martial Arts is to win a fight without fighting.

I know you have been through tough times and you wish you have mastered conflict Situation with the right words or with the right action. We will talk about that specific situation from your Life and i will you what is right and how you should react in this situation for next time so that you keep your pride and know that you did the right thing.

Let’s Grow!

Together! Achieve Goals togehter! I teach you with the Shaolin Philosophy and Kung Fu Practice To Focus yourself in thoughts and feelings to get your on track to make the right decisons for your Life. Become the master of your own Life. – MASTERYOUROWNWAY

Being Happy

Wake up happy in your day with a energy full of creativity. Start your day always with foucs, spiritual energy and Shaolin Qi Gong.

Making Changes

The biggest lesson in Kung Fu is, that you will only achieve the skills of it if you practice it every Day. This is a lesson for Life only when you practice every day what you want to achieve, you will have success. There will be failures on the way but only if you never give up fall down stand up again and again you will have success.

Fulfilling Potential

Write down your vision,visulize your dream life in a Video and watch it every day to remind you what you want to achieve, make small step Plan to achieve small to big Goals.

Finding Balance

You need to find the good heart inside you to keep balance in your Life, Calm down in hard crysis and find your inner peace. I will help you to find the right decisons for your best Life potential to kepp the right track.

Learn to live your Life on the Shaolin Philosophy

Together We Will Archive

Together we will transform yourself to an Warrior, who has Self-Lifecontrol over his own Mind, Emotions and can control his thoughts and Feelings, think with energy and focus don’t let have emotions control over you. Always have selfcontrol to make the right decisions in Life. Check out the “MASTERYOUROWNWAY – Online Kurs: – Self/Lifecontrol – Kung Fu – Course.

Why Choose Us

Master your own way is the way to teach you online to be the master of your own life. Learn to make the right decisions at the right moment, find out who you want to be and what you want to attract in your Life. Kung Fu is a inner and outside journey through inner strength and outside martial Arts to create what you’re meant to be!

We train in nature in the Park to be independent from any gym rules. My Master your own way Gym will always be independent and not include any corona rules! Wear mask or anything is against your health and spirituality.

Be always open minded, focused, respectful, strong and keep training it will always be worthful for your spirit, health, mind, and body.

Be always open Hearted, Welcome Every One in our Group as welcome warm family member. Shaolin is your Family and every member will be you own new Kung Fu sister or brother. You will share a spiritual-bond to each other and help each other to reach goals togehter.

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